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Covid Communique Update - Oct 14, 2022

Hello Everyone,

For the first time in many months, we have received a Covid Communique from the Diocese advising that as the days turn chilly and we all return indoors, that we need to brace ourselves for a possible uptick in COVID infections. The communique reminds us that “Our faith calls on us to take collective action to protect vulnerable people and also the healthcare workers who are still working under enormous pressure because of Covid. Everyone one of us - clergy, staff, and congregations - can contribute to keeping others safe.”

They have advised we will remain in the Green stage of the diocesan pandemic plan with a few revised protocols for public worship, of which the first is the only change for us, being to “Always mask in public situations where ventilation is poor”. With not being able to leave the doors open because of the cold we will return to asking everyone to mask while at church.

We will continue to have hand sanitizer available for use, and share the Diocese’s recommendation to receive the bivalent vaccination when eligible.

Thank you for your continued support. Take care & stay safe.

From your Parish Leadership Team

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