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Thank You from Rev Joan

Greetings to you.

Thank you all for welcoming me into the Parish of All Saints, Greely five years ago. I am thankful to God for sending me to you, and thankful to you for receiving me with such warmth. From my first day as part of the parish until my farewell on Sunday, you have been generous with your encouragement and your trust. I have loved our ministry together and I know that I received much more from you than I was ever able to offer you.

Thank you for my wonderful send-off; for the delicious retirement cake, organized by Laurie, (happily not virtual), cards, messages and calls, and your kind words, and the beautiful dwarf lilac from the parish, planted by Ron. I name the special plants in the garden, and the lilac has been named. “ Alli”. Alli for All Saints. I hope you approve. Thank you also for the gift certificate from Indigo which I am already enjoying in anticipation!

You will always be in my heart, and in my prayer.

With my thanks and my love,


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